May 2013
What the Numbers Tell Us About the Future of Digital Publishing

What the Numbers Tell Us About the Future of Digital PublishingRecent studies have suggested that e-books are gaining momentum, and that they now make up roughly 20% of the book market. That means one out of every five copies goes straight to a Kindle, iPad, or Nook, and that proportion is growing rapidly, largely at the expense of paper books.

What’s more, it’s not hard to imagine that those percentages will be reversed in the next five or ten years, with paper books being a relative rarity. That reality should tell any online marketer two important things:

1. First, that it’s time to try an e-reader if you haven’t already. Not only are digital books convenient, but they also save you money at the same time. Plus, if you’re trying to learn about your industry (or even Web marketing), e-books can keep you up to date, and new magazines and publications are being added all the time.

2. It might be time to consider digital publishing for your company. E-books and other forms of digital content are great for growing sales and building your credibility (either personally or for your business). And, the costs needed to publish quality material are coming down quickly.

The future of publishing is here – are you and your company taking advantage?

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