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Dec 2010
What Makes Your Social Media Marketing Plan Special?

If you watch a lot of sports, you’ll notice something interesting. The very best athletes and performers in any field or event are always statistically superior to their counterparts. But it’s rarely just the numbers that separate them. In other words, they have certain intangible qualities that set them apart. The percentages just help explain them. And having a social media marketing now plan helps.

So why does this matter to social media marketing?

Because finding success – the kind that means more than just the odd sale here and there. Sometimes requires more than just hitting the basics. Like athletes, smart business owners can’t just stop with doing things “by the book.” Following the same advice and tips as everyone else is a great way to catch up and blend in… not get ahead.

So, as you ponder changes to your social media profiles and other tools, ask yourself this question? Ask this: what makes any of them special? What are you doing differently than the rest of the crowd?

There are a lot of answers that work: you can be funnier, bolder, lower-priced, focused, easier to find, or just better-looking than your competitors, to name a few, but you had better be doing something differently. If not, you are “just another company,” or “just another vendor,” and that’s not nearly good enough to win the lion’s share of the business that’s out there.

No one buys a ticket to a sporting event to see the guys on the bench; everyone wants to see the winners in action. It’s the same way with your social media marketing plan. If you aren’t doing something special – something that makes you stand out – customers are eventually going to buy from someone who is.

At Marcy Design, we can help you turn your social media profiles into something that separates you from the competition. Get in touch with us today to find out how easy it is to improve the results you’re getting from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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