Jun 2013
What Does a Good Web Design Look Like?

What Does a Good Web Design Look LikeIf you talk to eleven different business web design teams, you’ll probably come away with at least a dozen different notions of what exactly constitutes a great site. That’s because one company might prefer a certain platform or marketing, while another is partial to a particular kind of layout or color scheme.

So, as a business owner or executive, how can you tell what a good website should actually be like?

The first step is remembering that web design isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” proposition; you need the site that’s perfect for your company, not every company. Then, you just have to keep in mind that all of the technical and marketing talk really comes down to a few things:

  • You need a website that helps you advance your goals as an organization
  • You want a website that your business won’t outgrow quickly, so it remains a good investment over time
  • Your website will always be more successful if it’s easy for customers or members to use

Although that might seem like a simplified version of things, the truth is that you can go a long way by covering those three simple bases. So, as important as the details of business web design might be, don’t get so focused on them that you can’t spot a good site when you see one.

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