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Dec 2017
Website Design Process, Part II

Website Design Process Part II

Website Design Process Part II

Okay, you have identified your target audience. You’ve narrowed down the list of potential customers and their demographics. What’s the next step in the website design process? Unless you want to create your website in a vacuum, you need to see what other people are doing in your industry. Website Design Process Part II.

Step two in the website design process is to review the competition.

What we’re talking about is good old-fashion research. And the great thing is that with the Internet as your partner, it doesn’t take long to accomplish this task.

I’ve heard many businesses say that they don’t have any competition. Let’s get one thing straight, every business has competition. And competition is healthy for everyone. Consumers and businesses alike. Competition helps your website business because you don’t have to make the same mistakes that others have made. Here are some ideas to work with when researching the competition.

– Find 10 businesses that sell your product or service
– Where are they located?
– Are consumers buying their product or service online?
– Buy a product or service from a competitor
– Review their marketing materials
– Review their sales figures
– Try to speak with a sales person
– Find associations of your industry
– Research trends from statistics that associations provide
– Find 10 more business that sell your product or service

I could list 100 ideas for researching the competition. Just keep at it. Never stop looking at what others are accomplishing in your industry. Research, review and reevaluate. Keep updating your website and marketing materials. See what works for others and how you can benefit.

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