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Aug 2022
Want to Dramatically Boost the Clicks on Your PPC Ads?

Clicks on Your PPC AdsClicks on Your PPC Ads

When business owners and online marketers are looking for new ways to get more visitors from their pay-per-click ads. Or clicks on your PPC ads. They sometimes miss one of the oldest tactics in an advertiser’s book: to go completely against the grain.

In other words, you can sometimes find a profitable niche – or more. By completely ignoring not only what’s worked for you in the past, but also your competitors. What sorts of things could you try? Here are a few places to experiment with off-the-wall ideas:

  • Keywords that don’t get a lot of traffic, or are related to your products or services in an unusual way
  • Marketing messages that are funny, rude, or strike a very different tone than the other companies in your industry
  • Non-traditional offers like one-day coupon codes or prices listed directly in your PPC ads

The point is that you can experiment with almost anything. Once you do, you might find that doing something different is a great way to stand out, catch a customer’s attention. And even dramatically boost the response you get from your pay-per-click ads.

One note of caution: This isn’t an area where you want to go overboard. Make sure to keep your control campaign in place (if it’s working profitably). And not put anything online that’s going to be damaging to your company, offend customers, etc.

The bottom line: As long as you use a little bit of common sense. Going against the conventional wisdom can be a great way to get more from online advertising.

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