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Aug 2021
Using Humor in Marketing Methods

Humorous Marketing Methods

One of the most affective, attention catching elements used in social media marketing is, humor. We are being bombarded by thousands of advertisements a day through social media. To be one of the ads that people go back and look up, they have to stand out. Humor can make your company relatable. Connecting with people on a relevant level will set your company apart from the other thousands of ads. It also makes your company memorable, standing out in the consumer’s mind as an interesting business to check out beyond the commercials. Think of some TV commercials. Does the early flash mob guy from the AT&T ads dance through your memory?

Humor can transform a seemingly dull subject into something that is captivating and applicable to an everyday person. Social media marketing manager at Zoomerang, Jason Miller, wrote an article describing five quick tips on how to make your social media activity funny.

The main theme in this article is that humor should not be underestimated. Miller explains how humor can “humanize your brand or company.” This is a good point to make because a lot of businesses present themselves too formally and can make people feel it is an un-relatable company. He also describes how humor can help or hinder your business.

Although in some cases humor just does not work. An example of this was on the website for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This legitimate disease awareness site had an article on preparing for the zombie apocalypse. Although I find it interesting the site’s creators found it necessary to post this article on their website, I also find it weird they would do so on a website designed to give out information on such serious situations. Medical situations I feel should stay more on the serious side.

Humor may not be your company’s way of marketing but standing out from the crowd is key and I think adding a little wit will go a long way.

Article by Kelly Krivicich

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