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Aug 2022
Two Things That Shouldn't be Missing From Your Branding Campaign

Your Branding Campaign

Your branding campaign is an interesting topic. In that it is both simpler and more complex than people think. It’s simple in the sense that it really comes down to what others think about you, and your work or products. It’s also complex in the way that a lot more goes into a successful brand than most people think.

And so, while a lot of people think of branding as logos and advertising. It also includes ongoing impressions that are formed through customer service, pricing. And even your overall marketing strategy. Too many businesses miss out on opportunities simply because they don’t recognize the ingredients for what they are.

With that in mind, here are two things that definitely shouldn’t be missing from your branding campaign:

1. Personality. Branding is as much about who you are (as a professional or company) as it is what you do. Without any kind of established personality, you’re just another faceless vendor. Which makes you that much easier to replace.

2. Consistency. It takes time to establish a reputation with customers. And have them think about you in a way that doesn’t change from day to day, or week to week. Lots of companies like to change creative directions frequently. That’s great for trying out new ideas. But it doesn’t let you build an established brand.

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