Apr 2013
Two Reasons to Stop Obsessing Over Your Search Engine Position

Two Reasons to Stop Obsessing Over Your Search Engine PositionIf you want to give a business owner a headache, simply ask them about their websites search engine positioning. That’s one topic that’s almost universally difficult, since most of us want a better ranking on Google than the one we have now. In fact, it can lead some to worry about search rankings on a daily basis.

Although there are a few good reasons for that, the reality is that obsessing over your search rankings – and checking them on a regular basis – is usually a waste of time and energy. Here are two of the biggest reasons why:

Search is getting more personalized. That is, different people see different search results based on their history, location, preferences, and even social accounts. So, while a trained business web design team can give you a good idea of where you sit on the search engines, the reality is you don’t have one position, but one position for each searcher.

Having the top search position doesn’t necessarily mean more profits. That’s because other positions on a page (like the fourth or fifth one, for example) often bring you just as many buyers, but with fewer inquiries from poor prospects. That’s because lots of people will click the first link on a page, but only serious shoppers tend to scroll down farther.

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