Jul 2015
Two Great Ways to Keep Your Branding Consistent


If you really want customers to know and love your brand, you have to be consistent with the way you present it over time. Unfortunately, that can be a challenge, as it’s easy for messaging and visual elements to “drift” or evolve into something new over time.

With that in mind, here are two great ways to keep your company’s branding consistent:

#1: Develop a Branding Style Guide

If you have a strong brand identity – or a lot of great ideas about where you want your brand to go – now is the perfect time to capture those elements in writing. That way, anyone who works with your business will know what your brand guidelines are like, and will have an easier time sticking to them.

#2: Use a Stable Creative Team

A lot of lower-end design and marketing firms have very high turnover. That’s a bad thing for your brand, because new team members may not have enough history with your company to get things like tone and messaging just right. Look for a design partner with a track record of excellence and stability.

You can’t build a memorable brand without consistency. What are you doing to ensure that your brand will still be one customers can recognize months and years into the future?


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