Jun 2013
Two Advertising Audiences You Can’t Overlook

Nearly every new advertising campaign is designed with one express purpose in mind: to help a business find new customers. That makes potential buyers the most important audience… but that doesn’t necessarily make them the only audience.

By keeping in mind the fact that other people besides your potential customers will be seeing, hearing, or otherwise taking in your advertising, you can help support your other business objectives. For example, here are two advertising audiences you should never overlook:

1. Your competitors. Whatever you’re telling the public, you’re also telling the men and women who would like to see you go out of business. That’s usually not a big deal, but it does suggest a certain amount of caution when mentioning new products or promotions that you don’t want them to have too much detail about.

2. Existing customers. Often, your current and future customers are one and the same (meaning that you’d like to sell more to your existing buyers). But, if you are making offers that apply only to first-time customers, be aware that existing customers might also hear them and demand the same treatment.

The bigger view you take of your advertising audience, the better you can be positioned to take advantage of the different opportunities that exist. Why not call or email the Marcy Design team today and let us help you design more efficient advertising campaigns?

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