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May 2022
Treat Google Like a Good Customer

Treat Google Like a Good Customer

We all know by now that simply marketing at or to our customers, instead of with them. Is a poor way to get what we want. It’s only when we engage buyers and think about their real needs. And motivations that we can effectively reach them with our offers. So treat Google like a Good Customer.

What is more surprising is how many of us never think to approach search engines like Google the same way.

Just like your customers, the search engines don’t want to simply see a flood of content aimed in their direction. Instead, what you should do is treat them the same way you would an important buyer. Research their needs and then focus your attention on slowly building the right kind of relationship.

It’s natural to have your first impulse be to release all kinds of articles, blog posts, press releases, and other material hoping to grab their attention. But just as you wouldn’t want to bombard a new prospect with dozens of brochures, phone calls, and other communications. You are better off approaching Google and the other engines in a more restrained manner, as well. Doing so isn’t just smarter, it’s almost always more efficient, too.

Treat the search engines like a good customer. And there’s a good chance they’ll have people buying from you consistently in no time.

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