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Nov 2017
Top Ten Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Top Ten Marketing IdeasTop Ten Marketing Ideas

Solving real marketing issues requires a fresh look at your business. Below is a Top Ten marketing ideas to get your business going in the right direction. Get excited and be open to thinking outside the box.

10. Develop a professional website for your product or service.

If you have a product or service line, create a well-designed company website. Your website should solve customer problems and provide relevant information.

9. Survey existing customers.

How do your customers feel about your products and services? Stay in touch through informal lunches or a professionally coordinated survey campaign. A survey is an excellent method for taking the pulse of your audience. The survey should include detailed questions about your products and services and how they directly benefit the customer.

8. The customer is always right… always.

The time to prove this statement is when the customer experiences a problem with your product or service. Make a point to take responsibility and solve any problems that a customer might have immediately. Satisfied customers turn into repeat, long-term customers.

7. Develop a new brand identity.

How long has it been since you’ve updated your website or marketing materials? Maybe it’s time to take a fresh look and redesign your image. Customers and prospects respond to new ideas and information.

6. Take a customer out to lunch.

Now is the time to ask a reliable customer out to lunch. Touch base with them to see how your company is solving problems and meeting their needs.

5. Be positive in your outlook.

It’s important to feel good about yourself and enjoy what you do for a living. If you have a positive attitude about your job, you will succeed by transferring that enthusiasm to other employees, customers and prospects.

4. Make a list of your strengths.

Are you the low price leader? Is your business the most experienced? Do you have the highest quality product or service? Try to list between 50 and 100 different and measurable strengths. This is a great exercise to develop new ideas for your marketing campaigns

3. Establish an annual marketing budget.

A good rule-of-thumb estimate for your marketing budget is 3% to 5% of annual sales. Retail businesses need to budget 7% to 10% of annual sales for their marketing budgets. Your budget should include a breakdown of all marketing costs including printing and advertising placement.

2. Develop a solid marketing plan.

Plan the work then work the plan. Think of a marketing plan as a “road map” to success. Your marketing plan should include measurable goals and the means to accomplish those goals. Include the marketing budget as a part of the marketing plan in order to measure the results of your company’s spending. This enables you to determine what works and what doesn’t.

1. Hire a professional company for all of your marketing needs.

Good business decisions begin with choosing the right partner. Your business should enlist the help of a professional marketing firm that is experienced and has a track record in the areas of marketing, advertising and website development. Your business can be successful with creative and cost effective campaigns.

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