May 2014
Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Business Website

Columbus-Ohio-Website-Design-04052014Did you know that the most important and most cost effective marketing tool for your business is your website? It’s true and most businesses do not utilize the full potential of their company website. Here is a top five list for taking advantage of this exciting medium:

5. Hire a professional:  Sure you can build a website yourself (you can do your own plumbing too) or use one of the many free web services that advertise on TV. But you won’t get the expert advice needed by working with a reputable web design firm.

4. Reinforce your brand:  Your company brand is how your customers and prospects view your company. In car company terms, are you a Ford, Chevy, Honda, Toyota or Porsche?
Each of these companies have established a style that caters exclusively to their target audience. Your website should enhance the company brand that you’ve built over the years.

3. Develop a call to action:  On of the issues we see most often is the fact that most business websites do not ask the viewer to do something. Typically, the website is a list of information or “brochure-ware” text. Viewers simply will not read long pages of text. Our research shows that the websites that ask viewers to call, respond or fill out a form, generally do better when it comes to customer acquisition.

2. Tell a great story:  You’ve heard of Pixar Animation right? Pixar created the blockbuster movies, Toy Story, Monsters, Cars and a host of other movies that reached number one at the box office every time. Their formula? Tell a great story. Your company may not have the makings of a big screen movie, however you can show your company in the best light and entertain your target audience.

1. Update frequently:  This is very important because unlike a brochure, which is essentially done once it’s printed, your website is an organic document of your business. Customers and prospects are coming to your website everyday. If they come to visit two or three times and nothing has changed, they may not come back a third time.


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