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Jan 2023
Three Things to Love About Internet Advertising

Love About Internet AdvertisingLove About Internet Advertising

If you have read through our blog recently, then you already know we aren’t committed to anyone form of advertising over another. It’s all about what works for client in their situation.

However, if you haven’t tried Internet advertising in the past (or are reluctant to give it a bigger share of your budget because you always relied on print, television, etc.), then this could be your chance to give it a shot. After all, there are a few things to love about Internet advertising, such as:

1. Internet advertising can be tightly targeted. Although some kinds of specialty print publications can be as well, few advertising mediums give you the opportunity to narrow down to a specific kind of customer the way Internet ads do.

2. Internet advertising works quickly. Not only can Internet ads be up and working quickly, but they are simple to pause, change, or refine. That makes them ideal for quick-start campaigns, and for testing new ideas

3. You can usually get better information from an Internet advertising campaign. Any type of advertising can be successful or unsuccessful, but it’s not always easy to tell why. With Internet ads, and study things like click through rates, website visits, etc., to test out different elements of your plan individually.

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