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Aug 2021
Three Easy Ways To Find More Fans For Your Facebook Page

Find Facebook Fans

An empty Facebook fan page is a little bit like a restaurant with no diners — you can see it’s there, but the prospect of hanging out isn’t all that appealing. After all, if it was so great, why aren’t others interested?

For that reason, it’s important that your businesses fan page have many followers. It shows that people are actually interested in your business. Here are a few tips to get you started and Find Facebook Fans:

Sign up some existing customers first. If you’ve ever watched a coffee shop opening up in the morning, you’ll notice that some of the more savvy baristas do is put a dollar or two into the tip jar before the first customer has even come in, since that encourages others to do the same.

Your approach should be similar. Get your existing customers and friends to sign up first — you’ll have an easier time attracting others once you already have a few dozen.

Keep your updates and messages brief. Online or off-line, none of us have time for someone who talks too much. Make sure that what you add to your profile is crisp and to the point. It’s much easier to lose followers because you post too many messages than it is because you don’t post enough.

Make things interesting. Contests, jokes, and personal anecdotes are all a great way to keep followers interested. Being “all business all the time” isn’t exactly what Facebook is about, so make sure to mix it up and show off your lighter side once in a while.

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