May 2013
The Two Sides of Offbeat Internet Ads

The Two Sides of Offbeat Internet AdsIf you’ve tried Internet advertising, then you already know how important it is to get someone to stop thinking about what was on their mind and start paying attention to your offers. That isn’t always easy, especially when searchers are distracted, or might be thinking of a few different things at once.

That’s where a lot of the offbeat Internet ads you see come into play.

Designed to jolt you to attention, they typically feature strange images or unusual headlines. But are they actually effective? And could they work for you?

Here are three things to consider:

1. There is a fine line between “offbeat” and “silly.” A lot of what you see on the Internet grabs attention, but doesn’t do anything to build credibility or boost sales.

2. It’s best to use your common sense first. Ask yourself a key question before putting your ideas out online: can this tie into my overall sales message and marketing team? If not, go back to the drawing board.

3. If you still think you have a great idea for an offbeat Internet ad, test it. The proof is always in the numbers, and you should know quickly whether an unusual Internet ad is a winner or not.

In most cases, going too far with your Internet advertising is likely to gather a few chuckles, but won’t do a lot for your sales. But, it never hurts to try something new as long as you’re keeping one eye on your advertising budget and the ongoing measurable results.

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