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Aug 2022
The Three Biggest Pay-Per-Click Advertising Mistakes

Pay-Per-Click Advertising MistakesPay-Per-Click Advertising Mistakes

As competition for the top search engine spots has gotten more intense, lots of businesses are turning to pay-per-click ads for faster, more efficient results. Since we don’t want you to waste your time or money, however, here are the three biggest pay-per-click advertising mistakes to avoid:

1. Using keywords that aren’t targeted or specific enough. The most expensive, high-traffic keywords are rarely the ones that convert the most efficiently. Target a niche audience with each keyword group, and you won’t just spend less, but see bigger results for your investment.

2. Not giving your Internet advertising campaign enough time. While some types of business websites can see instant results. Other businesses might need customers to come back a few times before they take the next step in the sales process. Make sure you’re giving your campaign enough time to work before you pull the plug or make changes.

3. Failing to match landing pages to offers. If your ad promises one thing. Then the copywriting on your landing page should follow through naturally. The best offers in the world aren’t going to be of much use if they aren’t in line with the ads you have running on your pay-per-click campaign.

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