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May 2022
The Rule of Thumb for Business Tweeting

Business TweetingBusiness Tweeting

There are too many “rules” when it comes to social media marketing, especially since the approach. And ideas that work well for one company could easily fail for another. Despite that, however, we’d like to share one good guideline for using twitter as a marketing tool for business tweeting.

Before you tweet anything, ask yourself whether anyone would bother to re-tweet it?

That’s a simple question. But it will help you avoid producing the kinds of endless. Mindless content that so many businesses and organizations are counting on to help them find customers online. But who wants to bother reading something that isn’t at all original. Much less follow the person or group who wrote it?

Thinking about the “re-tweet rule” will force you to come up with something that’s informative, insightful, or even funny before you release it digitally out into the world. In other words, it will stop you from simply being another voice in the crowd.

The best thing about social media marketing is having people pass on your content for you. Without any marketing expense or effort on your part. Remember that as you put together your tweets, and don’t waste the 140 characters you have to use.

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