Jun 2013
The One Trend That Every Website Owner is Feeling

The One Trend That Every Website Owner is FeelingAlthough we have already mentioned the ways that search engine position is changing lately – namely, that Google, and searchers, are getting more specific in what they’re looking for – the actual notion behind it is even bigger. You’ve probably already figured out that the web is getting more specific than it used to be, with people looking for more detailed solutions and answers than they did in the past.

In fact, you probably look more carefully than you used to on the web yourself, even if you haven’t noticed it. Again and again, we are seeing that people are being more detailed in their approach, looking for things like:


  • Very specific products with pricing, sizing, and/or coloring options
  • Trustworthy reviews from other buyers with needs that are similar to their own
  • Competitive pricing and fast shipping on products and services
  • More searches that are specific to certain areas, industries, or date ranges

These are just some of the more obvious examples, but they point to a need for focus. That is, you really have to know who you are, what your company is about, and what kinds of buyers you want to attract to make it in Internet marketing today.

It’s a big trend that’s only going to get bigger… are you being specific enough with your online marketing?

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