Apr 2013
The One Thing That Can Help Any Digital Publishing Project

The One Thing That Can Help Any Digital Publishing ProjectDigital publishing is undergoing a boom, and that’s a great thing for lots of businesses and marketers. On the one hand, it’s getting easier and less expensive to produce high-quality e-books, videos, and other materials. And on the other hand, high-speed Internet connections and web-ready devices (like iPads and other tablets) are making digital content accessible anywhere.

But, all of this opportunity is attracting a lot of competitors, too, and that means there is a great deal of “noise” for your customers to dig through. For that reason, the one thing that can help any digital publishing project is a strong reputation. In other words, you want people to be able to see that they can trust the material you are producing, and should come back for regular updates.

How do you build a reputation online? That’s easy. You use traditional online marketing tools, like:

  • Blogs
  • Social media profiles
  • Customer reviews and recommendations
  • Press releases

…and a lot more. The key, though, is not to simply publish material for the sake of publishing it, but to use each one as a springboard to build more credibility. So, if you want to publish digital material profitably, work on making yourself an expert source for online content everywhere, not just in your digital documents.

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