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May 2022
The One Question Most Online Marketers Don't Ask Enough

Most Online MarketersMost Online Marketers

Yesterday, we highlighted download sales of the new app that lets users better manage their inboxes. And examined the bigger trends that seem to be in store for all of us who tried to reach new customers online. The bottom-line conclusion is that most online marketers just don’t have enough time in the day. And certainly not enough to read or look at everything we wish they would.

That led us to thinking about the question that we think most online marketers don’t ask themselves enough. How will what I’m doing right now help my customers?

It’s an interesting one, because it can serve three purposes: to focus your marketing efforts. Stop you from wasting time on the wrong activities. And most importantly, keep you from annoying the men and women you rely on for revenue.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s e-mail, a brochure, social media updates, or something altogether different. Ttry to think with your customers in mind when you put something together. Add value to what they are doing, find a way to make their day better. Or otherwise be worth the time and money you want them to spend.

That’s not a cutting-edge line of thinking, but it can be a valuable one at a time when clients are thinking hard about who they need. And which vendors are worth keeping up with.

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