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Aug 2022
The Good and Bad of WordPress

Good and Bad of WordPressGood and Bad of WordPress

WordPress is getting to be more popular as a platform for business websites all the time. And why not? Not only do WordPress sites look fantastic, but they are search engine-friendly, easy to update. And bring a host of other plug-ins and benefits for a fraction of what most business-based content management systems cost.

The popularity of WordPress sites also makes them a target for hackers and online thieves, however. Even worse, attacks on WordPress sites seem to be increasing.

And so, even though you might think you are “too small” to worry about cyber security. The fact of the matter is that thieves aren’t concerned with whether your site is doing billions in revenue or not. They simply look for “open front doors” so they can climb in and take something valuable.

There is a relatively easy fix to this problem. In fact, it’s so simple that you might not have considered it before. Update your WordPress package regularly, and host your site with a reputable company. By doing so, you make it just a little bit harder for thieves to break into your business website. And ultimately increase the odds that they will simply decide to go elsewhere.

Updating your WordPress site regularly with the latest security patches is the virtual equivalent of locking the front door to your house. It won’t keep all the thieves away. But it will deter the types that are most commonly harmful to small and medium-sized businesses.

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