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Feb 2023
The Easy Way to Tell if Google Remarketing Might Work For Your Company

Google RemarketingGoogle Remarketing

Google Remarketing – which keeps displaying your ads to potential customers over time – is turning out to be a great thing for some advertisers. But an expensive and inefficient advertising tool for others.

How can you tell whether it’s something you should consider? Is there a way to know whether the increased exposure might lead to more sales?

In general, that really comes down to one question: how likely are customers to come back for more research, or change their mind throughout the buying process?

To consider how these issues might affect a real business, consider Google Remarketing for a restaurant. Because the customer sees the ad again and again (perhaps with a coupon, or special offer), they may be likely to decide to try a new place sometime in the next few days or weeks, even if they don’t right away. For another type of business, though, like one that sells tickets to a theater or seminar event, the opportunity might be gone after the first or second time the person has seen the ad.

So, if you have the type of sale that invites customers to make a decision and move on, Google Remarketing probably isn’t the right choice. But, if buyers will do more research, think things over, or make multiple purchases, that trying it might be a good idea.

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