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May 2022
The Biggest Strength of Facebook Advertising

Strength of Facebook Advertising

For all of Facebook’s strengths, it still hasn’t gained the kind of commercial popularity that Google and the other major search engines have. There are probably three good reasons for this: first, that Google is more established. Second, that it allows you to reach people at a moment when they are thinking about your product and service; and third. People turn to search engines more for information than they do social media (which is often for fun or amusement). This is the strength of Facebook advertising.

Even so, Facebook advertising carries one important advantage that the search engines can’t completely match. You can take out potential customers based on specific traits that they give about themselves.

This can be very important for certain kinds of businesses. And especially those who sell to portions of the public who might not know what they’re looking for. In other words, if the people you need to market to most aren’t aware of what you sell. Or wouldn’t know how to identify it if they did, then Facebook advertising can offer a more cost-effective way to reach them.

Almost every company should consider trying Facebook advertising. If only to see whether it can work for them. For businesses that need to segment customers by specific criteria, however, it could be an especially profitable online advertising medium.

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