Jun 2013
The Biggest Problem With Vague Marketing Goals

The Biggest Problem With Vague Marketing GoalsOn our blog and in meetings with new clients, we always encourage business owners and executives to set firm, achievable marketing goals. These could translate into a number of new inquiries, for example, or increased visits to a retail shop. But we try to avoid, on the other hand, targets that are really vague (like “stronger branding.”)

There is a very good reason for this: when you have marketing goals that aren’t at least somewhat concrete, it’s very difficult to measure progress against them.

You might not think this is a big problem, especially if you have a small company and can generally sense whether things are going well or not. But, how do you compare the effectiveness of two different campaigns, or messages, if you’re only basing the success or failure on a gut feeling? What if two completely different ideas both seem to work, and you need to decide which one to build on?

If you are serious enough about creating real-world results to meet with a company like ours, then you should devote a bit of time and attention to finding the right measurable, specific, and time-sensitive goals. They give you the best way to keep score with your campaigns, especially when things start to get busy or hectic.

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