Mar 2013
The Big Difference Between Search and Social Advertising (and How to Use Them Together)

The Big Difference Between Search and Social AdvertisingAlthough lots of advertisers treat search marketing and social media pay-per-click ads as essentially the same thing, there is an important difference between the two:

Search marketing targets what a person is thinking about at a moment in time. In other words, the fact that they’ve entered a keyword or phrase into Google or Bing signifies that they have something on their mind – perhaps a problem or challenge you can help them with.

Social advertising is based on customer types and demographics. So, even though you might not know what prospects on Facebook are thinking about in the moment, you can know a lot about who they are, where they live, and what their interests are.

Both of these approaches are relevant and have value, but simply testing one against the other isn’t as effective as using them in tandem. That is, when you write ads and see the results, look for commonalities between the two campaigns. Do your best customers fit a certain demographic? Are there age groups that respond to certain keywords and phrases?

Those are only a couple of examples, but the possibilities for comparing feedback are virtually endless. By using search and social advertising together, you can find a lot of insight that would have been impossible to get otherwise.

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