Jun 2013
The Best Way to Think About Google and Search Marketing in 2013

The Best Way to Think About Google and Search Marketing in 2013Even though there are literally hundreds of things to discuss when it comes to Internet marketing, search engine optimization (and improving your Google rankings in particular) remains a favorite on websites and blogs everywhere.

It’s no wonder, then, that so many people are up in arms about recent changes to Google’s algorithms. The traditional “search optimization” tactics aren’t working anymore, and Google is becoming more focused in its results – it wants to make a better match between searchers, search phrases, and the results it shows.

In essence, that means that there is a “smaller pie” for most businesses to work with, since the pool of searchers who would be directed towards them contains fewer visitors than it did in the past. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your sales have to suffer, even if Google is sending you a smaller amount of traffic than in the past.

How can you keep up sales and profits with fewer visits? That’s easy – even though fewer people might be coming to your site, you can convert a higher percentage of them into sales because they represent a better fit for what you have to offer. So, by focusing on effective marketing pages, rather than search optimization, you can do a better job of meeting your bottom-line goals and stay in-line with Google’s new philosophy at the same time.

The best way to think of Google and search marketing in 2013 and beyond isn’t to focus on traffic, but on results. Are you taking the right approach?

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