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Nov 2021
The Amazon Effect: Encourage Customer Reviews and Feedback on Your Website

Encourage Customer ReviewsEncourage Customer Reviews

Early on, the developers at figured out something that’s simple, yet profound. And it’s helped them sell billions of books, DVD’s, and other merchandise: customers don’t trust you.

They do, however, usually trust each other.

For Amazon, the natural extension of that realization was to make it simple and easy for customers to review their purchases online. Even if you didn’t like what you bought, at least you could get the satisfaction of warning someone else away from it. On the other hand, if your pick turned out to be a great one. You are encouraged to share your joy and satisfaction.

You can do the same with your company. All of the marketing copy in the world, regardless of how good it is, can’t help you build trust or excitement nearly as quickly as a recommendation from another live person can. It doesn’t matter what you say, because people know it’s coming from you. And so third party endorsement is worth its weight in gold.

Here are three quick ways you can encourage customer feedback online:

Embrace social media. The give-and-take of sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn makes it easy for people to comment on their purchases from you. Maintain profiles on all of them and ask people to share their experiences.

Make sure your contact info is everywhere. Few customers are going to dig through your site to find contact information unless their experience with your company was extraordinary. Make it easy for them to find you online and drop you a quick e-mail of thanks while it’s on their mind.

Don’t edit the feedback you get. Sometimes, the news isn’t going to be so great. Believe it or not, though, that can actually help your sales. Reviews work best when people know they are from real customers. That means they don’t expect everything people say about your company to be perfect.

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