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Apr 2018
Take a Good Look at Your Website. Okay Now Look Away.

Look at Your Website

Look at Your Website

A fair number of people call me every week to take a look at their business website. Usually they are looking to improve the branding of their company. When I ask for the URL address of their website, a number of them preface the conversation by saying: “This isn’t what we want.” or “It’s really old.” or “Could you look at our competitors website instead”. I even had a person once say: “Please don’t look at our current website!” I guess that’s why they are calling for advice. These businesses are seeking to improve how they look to the world. Look at Your Website

We’ve all seen websites that are successful and many that are not. How do you determine when it’s time for minor updates or wholesale changes? Below is a brief list of seven items for your review. If you answer “no” to any of these items, then it’s time for a redesign of your website.

– You are proud to show your website to anyone (not just your mom)
– The content accurately describes your business
– The information is up-to-date and relevant
– It’s easy for someone interested in your services to contact you
– Your website has been redesigned within the past year
– You’ve had more than 50 visitors in one day
– You spend more time on your own website than a competitors

By carefully looking at every page of your website you can determine the next step. Of course, if that’s a painful process then it’s time for an overhaul.

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