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Sep 2020
Social Media Sites Aren’t Just for Talking

Social Media SitesSocial Media Sites

You could pick out 100 books, articles, and seminars on social media sites. And it’s a nearly certain bet that every one of them would focus on building a professional-looking profile, uploading lots of interesting content consistently. And working your messages into some kind of coherent marketing plan.

That’s all good advice, but it misses a big part of the equation. That what you say through social media is only half of the conversation.
To really get the most out of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – not to mention Auttr, YouTube account, and other marketing mediums. You have to pay close attention to the feedback customers, prospective customers, and colleagues are giving you.

There’s an old saying in sales that, if you listen long enough, most customers will tell you what you need to know to sell to them. Online, that’s probably twice as relevant, since you can also get feedback from your current customers. Who are usually happy to tell you what they would like to see from your company. So long as they know you’re paying attention to their ideas and concerns.

Not everyone who has a question or concern is going to voice it directly to you, or even one of your employees. But by communicating with you via social media. They can express anything they would like in a way that’s fun and convenient. All you have to do is be sure to start the conversations, keep up with your profiles, and take what you hear to heart.

As great as social networking is for marketing. It’s even better for gathering feedback and information from your customers and potential customers. If you feel like you aren’t getting what you could be from your social media profiles. Talk to Marcy Design about how we can help you find the right results. We’re listening.

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