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May 2022
Should You Have E-commerce Features on Your Facebook Page?

E-commerce FeaturesE-commerce Features

One of the latest developments in social media marketing is the trend toward businesses of all sizes adding e-commerce features to their Facebook pages. After all, if you have taken the time to gather thousands of fans and followers. Why send them to another site simply to complete a transaction?

In theory, that makes perfect sense. So should you have e-commerce features on your Facebook page?

There isn’t a set answer to that question, of course. Probably the best advice is to think carefully about what your profile. And your overall online marketing strategy – is there to accomplish. If your goal is to simply generate online sales. Then streamlining the process might be a reasonable idea. On the other hand, though, if you are looking to build more brand awareness and develop deeper customer relationships. Then you might be better served by using your Facebook page as a reference. And sending those who want to actually place an order to your regular website.

E-commerce that flows directly through social media profiles is still a relatively new phenomenon. And there isn’t any certainty about whether customers will grow accustomed to it or not. For now, your best move is to simply think in context of your overall goals and see what kinds of results you get.

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