Dec 2012
Should You Change Your Website to Sell Your Company?

Although most of the business owners and executives we meet with are simply trying to gross sales or expand their marketing reach, there are other reasons to revamp your company’s approach. One unusual but important situation occurs when you want to sell your business.

Believe it or not, updating your company’s website could help you sell your company faster, or garner a better asking price. To see why, consider these three changes you should make if you’re thinking about passing your business on to someone else:

1. Make sure your website is up to date. As with customers, potential buyers want to see that your business website is current, since it gives them a sense that you pay attention to the details and haven’t ignored your company.

2. Keep the messaging focused on organization, not a person. One of the biggest stumbling blocks to selling your business is facilitating a smooth transition from one owner to another. If the pages on your website are all about your expertise (or the expertise of the key employee who might leave), then it’s harder for a new potential owner to see the value.

3. Add copywriting that appeals to more audiences. While you’ll still want your marketing messages to focus mainly on potential customers, you might also want to add a few subtle shifts that highlight the ways in which your company could be a good investment, too.

If you’re looking for a business web design team that can help you adapt to lots of different situations – including the sale of the company – Call Marcy Design, a Columbus Ohio website design company to help with your webmarketing and advertising campaigns.


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