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Feb 2023
One Way to Get More From Your Advertising Budget

Get More From Your Advertising BudgetGet More From Your Advertising Budget

Do you feel like some piece of your advertising budget is probably being wasted? Believe it or not, most business owners and managers do. Get more from your advertising budget.

There is an easy way to do away with that feeling, though, and to get more performance from the dollars you spend on reaching new buyers: track your campaigns on a results-oriented basis.

The classic example of this would be the coupon. Advertisers study coupons to see where new customers are originating from (in terms of newspapers, magazine ads, e-mails, and so on), as well as to test different kinds of offers. In the Internet age, you can do the same with your e-mail marketing newsletter, Twitter and Facebook discounts, and even e-mail click-through rates.

The trick in each case is to make the offer specific to that medium, so you can always be sure you know where new leads and sales are originating from. Once you master that, you’ll never waste another advertising dollar because you’ll already know what messages and mediums work best.

Part of success in advertising is making the most of every dollar and being sure that you don’t waste your budget. Tracking your efforts and campaigns is an easy way to accomplish that.

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