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Oct 2022
One Thing to Remember About Online Marketing Rules

Online Marketing Rules

If you Google some variation of the phrase online marketing rules you’ll discover literally millions of results. Reading all of them would be fruitless, of course. But that’s probably for the better – given that many will disagree and contradict one another.

Still, online marketing gurus (ourselves included) aren’t shy about giving out rules and tips. For the most part, these can be extremely helpful and profitable for your business. Just keep in mind, however, that what’s good advice for one business or situation doesn’t necessarily always apply to another.

In other words, the rules are really only rules if they apply to you and your situation. This is true for broad concepts and smaller details alike. To understand why, consider the differences between different hypothetical companies with varying circumstances like:

*  A strong business website versus decades of experience with print advertising

*  An online store versus lots of walk-in traffic at a retail location

*  A small startup versus a Fortune 500 corporation

These are simple and obvious examples, but the point is that what seems like good advice actually depends a great deal on context. Remember that the next time you see any kind of rule about online marketing, because it might apply to someone else’s situation more easily than your own.

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