Apr 2013
One Thing That Hasn't Changed With Digital Publishing

One Thing That Hasn't Changed With Digital PublishingThe digital publishing revolution has brought a lot of new ideas and business models to light, but one thing hasn’t changed at all: the presentation of a document or idea is still just as important as the message itself.

In other words, if your e-book, video, or other published piece looks sloppy, then it doesn’t really matter what you have to say, because you’ll lack credibility with viewers and customers.

This is something that has been widely understood by book and magazine publishers for a long time. As unfortunate as it might be, a terrible document with a great cover is more likely to sell then a magnificent work of art that doesn’t have the right layout and packaging.

Part of the importance of design has to do with instant appeal, of course – people won’t stop to read or buy something unless it catches their attention right away. On a deeper level, though, we have all learned to associate quality ideas with a professional image. We just don’t take things as seriously if someone hasn’t put the time and effort into making them look interesting and attractive.

The lesson here is to keep paying attention to design, especially when it comes to digital publishing. A lot of things might be changing, but the importance of the right image for your book or document isn’t on of them.

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