Feb 2013
One Thing Some of the Best Ads Have in Common

One Thing Some of the Best Ads Have in CommonGiven that advertising is thousands of years old, it’s no surprise that there are lots of different ways to go about it – and that there are dozens of techniques you can use successfully to promote your products or services.

We have noticed that many of the best ads actually have something interesting, although, many of them don’t look like ads at all.

From advertorials to viral photos, sponsored op-ed pieces, and “guest” blog articles, savvy advertisers know that they can get more from their marketing messages if they are wrapped in a sweeter candy coating. In other words, if something looks fun, interesting, and informative, it’s more likely to be read and noticed by potential customers than something that seems like an obvious advertisement or solicitation.

We should make a point of saying that you never want to be deceptive with your advertising, or claim that you are strictly offering information when you are in fact trying to persuade people to buy something. But, there is nothing wrong with setting your ads up in a different way and blend them into other kinds of content so that they are more engaging and useful to buyers.

How could you use advertising that stands out less to get customers to notice what you have to say?

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