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Jan 2021
One Thing Missing in a Lot of Social Media Profiles

Social Media ProfilesSocial Media Profiles

If you had to guess what the one thing missing from most social media profiles would be, what would you guess? Based on speaking with lots of clients over the last few years, we can say that most of the typical answers would fall along the lines of quality photos, contact information, new and fresh content, a healthy contact list, or maybe even links to your other social media profiles and online marketing tools.

These are all fantastic answers and elements you definitely should work into your social media plan. What we are talking about today. And what is truly holding a lot of would-be social media marketers back is a lack of passion.

When you love what you do, or at least can get excited about it. Customers respond in a way that’s entirely different than they do when you are just phoning it in and trying to collect a paycheck. The biggest companies spend billions every year trying to show or fake that enthusiasm to the rest of us. To the degree that they succeed or fail, their profits rise and fall.

One of the easiest ways to increase your company’s financial success. Not to mention get more out of your social networking profiles, is to let your passion comes through. Even if you can’t feel over the moon about what you sell, try to at least get fired up about some aspect of it, like customer service or new product development. That will come through in your posts and updates, and you can be sure people respond to it.

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