Jun 2013
One Thing About Marketing That's Hard to Master

One Thing About Marketing That's Hard to MasterOften, the hardest things about developing a successful marketing campaign aren’t in the “big picture” ideas and tactics, but the small mental adjustments that have to be made along the way. In fact, we consistently find that new clients struggle with one concept in particular: to be successful in today’s world, that usually means targeting a smaller pool of buyers than before.

In other words, you don’t necessarily want to set your sights on selling “everything to everyone.” Instead, you might want to strive to be the market leader for a smaller group of customers who have the potential to buy from you again and again, year after year.

When you focus your marketing in this way, you gain several important benefits:

  • You spend less because there are fewer places to advertise, online or off
  • Your ideal buyers become easier to target since there are fewer of them
  • You build better relationships with customers because you are able to develop products and specials just for them
  • It becomes easier to develop a reputation in the market, because word spreads faster in smaller communities

Of course, all of this can feel contrary to your first instinct, which is to just keep marketing and finding new faces. But, if you’re looking for the biggest impact – not just the most activity – you’ll stick with it and remember that smaller groups of customers can actually be better than bigger ones.

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