Feb 2013
One Surprising Place to Try Internet Ads

3 Reasons Internet Advertising is Better Than Print_Radio_or TV Ever WereDeciding where to put your Internet advertising is just as important as figuring out what your offer should be. It’s a little bit surprising, then, that more business owners and marketers don’t consider a surprising place to put banner and image-based ads: on their own websites.

Why would you put advertising for your products on your own site? In short, why not…

After all, your own business website tends to attract customers who are interested in your products, and probably already has a steady stream of targeted traffic. If you have a new product, offer, or other announcement you want to share, why not think about placing an ad for it on your home page, blog posts, etc.?

Certainly, most companies won’t want to stop with advertising on their own site – usually one of the goals is to attract traffic from elsewhere – but it can often be a surprisingly-effective tactic that many don’t even think of. And, if it helps you build conversions towards a specific goal, what do you have to lose?

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