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Oct 2022
One Important Way That B2B Websites Need to be Different

B2B WebsitesB2B Websites

Often, there aren’t as many differences in marketing business-to-business and business-to-consumer as you might think. Both require great design, a unique selling proposition. And some good ideas for reaching out to your intended audience. Beyond that, it’s simply a matter of narrowing in on the right message and putting the proper elements in the place for B2B websites..

If you are looking at launching (or redesigning) a business-to-business website, however, there is one important distinction you should keep in mind. That B2B marketing materials typically have to appeal to decision-makers on multiple levels.

In other words, there isn’t usually just one consumer who’s making the choice to buy from you or not. There might be executives, engineers, office support staff, and even an accounting or financial team involved in the process. And so, you need to adjust the navigation structure of your business website – and supporting materials like the copywriting and testimonials – accordingly.

The best way to do that? Start by giving the top-level overall benefits first, then providing a few technical details. And finally emphasizing the return on investment that a buyer can expect from working with you. That way, you’ve got something for everyone who’s likely to be involved in saying “yes,” wrapped up in an effective B2B website.

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