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Feb 2023
One Group That’s Worth Advertising on Facebook

One Group That's Worth Advertising to on FacebookAdvertising on Facebook

Facebook advertising is still growing up, but has already shown a handful of interesting uses – mainly, targeting your pay-per-click ads to a type of customer, rather than a type of keyword or search query. Advertising on Facebook

But, they may have one more “hidden” benefit that most people aren’t taking advantage of: the chance to market more effectively to your own fans and customers.

At first glance, that might seem a little counterintuitive. Why spend money advertising to the men and women who have already agreed to follow you on a major social media site? The answer lies in effectiveness. Facebook itself admits that, on average, only about 16% of postings are read by fans and followers. In other words, you have to go a little bit deeper if you want to engage them in a meaningful way and be sure they are aware of new products, promotions, and ideas.

What kinds of things would you put in ads to your own fans? Here are three quick ideas:

1. Announcements that tell them about items they might have missed, such as a new product launch or shipping method that are now available

2. Items that fall into the category of “branding,” like major benefits or slogans

3. Coupons, discounts, and external links to landing pages on your business website or online store, designed to generate e-commerce sales

Advertising doesn’t always have to be about attracting new customers. Why not put Facebook’s system to the test and send some marketing messages to your own followers and existing customers?

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