Mar 2013
One Great Thing About the Digital Publishing Era

One Great Thing About the Digital Publishing EraNot so many years ago, if you had a piece of information that you want to publish and distribute, there were a set number of choices to work with. You could print the book, put together a brochure, issue a special report, etc., but whatever you released needed to fit into some sort of recognizable form, or customers wouldn’t pay attention and it would be hard to gain any publicity from outside sources.

One of the under appreciated developments of the digital publishing era is that those guidelines have largely fallen away. You can quickly and easily produce a blog post, an e-book, an online video with attached text, a downloadable report with lots of hyperlinks, or put the information into any other format. In fact, you are really constrained only by your own imagination.

So, rather than beginning with the format, today’s marketers are free to think about the impact they want to create, and then shape the document, file, and distribution method to those purposes. Or, they can start with a good marketing concept and quickly and cheaply develop it into several formats at once.

Don’t be left thinking “inside the box” when it comes to digital publishing. There are a lot of things you can do with your great ideas, and they all have value to your readers and customers.

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