Jan 2013
One Easy Way to Improve Your Mobile Site or Custom App

Mobile business websites and mobile app development are both new enough to not really have an accepted set of “best practices” when it comes to constructing and testing them. But, as design teams like ours work on these projects, we are finding that there is one very easy way to improve their look, functionality, and stability: Open them up for testing before they launch.

You don’t want customers coming to a website that’s incomplete, of course, or trying to use an app that won’t load or work the way it’s supposed to. What you can do, however, is have employees, colleagues, and other interested people log on to your mobile prototype and play around with it.

That’s something your mobile business website design team will be doing anyway, of course, but having people who aren’t trained in development can sometimes be helpful. That’s because they are more likely to use the site in the same ways that your customers ultimately will, making it valuable for discovering bugs, suggesting new features, etc.

Using this method, you might not be able to find every error or implement every recommended change, but getting some new perspectives is always a good start.

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