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FedEx Shows Us Why Some Meetings Are Useless

Nov 14, 2007

FedEx has a one of the funniest commercials running on television. It portrays a scene where meetings are useless, and some people are clueless. But by using FedEx, you can still get the job done. The main message throughout this commercial and their campaign is that FedEx offers a range […]

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How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Nov 13, 2007

There’s no secret to driving traffic to your website. It takes planning, hard work and execution. Picture of your website as being located in the middle of a corn field. How would anyone be able to find it? You basically have to plow a path leading to your website. The […]

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Adding Flash Improves Website Design

Nov 12, 2007

Bring your website to life by adding a Flash animation. If customers and prospects are not excited about your website’s design (and maybe not excited about your business), introducing Flash animation can help. Flash, a software product from Adobe, has a steep learning curve so you may want to consider […]

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YouTube, McDonalds Make a Commercial

Nov 10, 2007

Fernando Sosa and Thomas Middleditch, two unknown actor/musicians, posted a rap video about Chicken McNuggets on YouTube and created a sensation. The video eventually was spotted by McDonalds and a 30 second spot was created to run on commercial television. Mr. Sosa was also interviewed by Neil Cavuto on FNC. […]

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Blogs Are the Future of Marketing

Nov 10, 2007

If you have a business, then you need a blog. According to Technorati, the blogoshere has grown from 100,000 blogs in March 2003 to nearly 73 million in March 2007. The numbers suggest that this is no longer ‘bleeding edge’ technology. Blogs have become mainstream as a valuable source of […]

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Marketing Your Business 2.0

Nov 9, 2007

If you opened up the doors of a new business 15 years ago, your marketing (Marketing 1.0) would have consisted of advertising in the local phone directory, printing up business cards, stationary and brochures and waiting by the phone for the customers to call. Once in a while, when business […]

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