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Apr 2019
Live Long and Prosper

Live Long and Prosper

‘Live long and prosper!’ The Star Trek franchise which is over 40 years old, has done just that. I remember the classic TV show from the 60s. Much like the cowboy shows at the time, Star Trek had action, adventure and intrigue. However, the show had a captain instead of a sheriff. Captain Kirk, along with Spock, Bones, Scotty and Sulu, traversed the cosmos in search of new worlds to explore. The show was canceled eventually, but science fiction fans kept the brand alive through fan clubs and conventions.

I actually attended a Star Trek convention, for the most part to see if it was like an old SNL skit staring with William Shatner. It was. Although I must admit that I almost bought a Communicator (with authentic sound!) and a Klingon dictionary.

The new prequel movie will reintroduce the Star Trek brand to movie-goers. Heck, the kids that probably will attend are younger than a Tribble. The actors are also young and the action will be 3G enhanced. From the trailer it looks like The Fast and Furious in space. With the new Star Trek movie, the torch is being passed to a new generation. And I will boldly go to the new movie with my son.

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