Mar 2013
Learn About Website Statistics the Easy Way

Learn About Website Statistics the Easy WayStudying web analytics and customer behavior to improve your business website always seems like a great idea when we are talking in general terms. And yet, you can almost see the way a business owner’s eyes will glaze over the first time we start delving deeply into website statistics. It’s like being in high school math class all over again.

But, the mistake many make is to look at the big picture and try to understand everything that’s going on all at once. A much better way is to dig into your analytics package for a few minutes a day, looking for a couple of important details:

1. Value indicators. These point to what’s going on with your business website in a “big picture” sense. How many visitors are you getting? How many sales are you making, or how many phone calls are coming into your office from website visitors?

2. Key trends. Once you know where to find these figures, the next step is easy – you just want to determine whether those numbers are going up or down. That should tell you whether your Internet marketing plan is moving in the right direction.

By studying these for a few minutes a day, you can stop yourself from being overwhelmed by the small details and pay attention to what’s really happening. Then, you can help your business web design team look for ways to make your site more efficient.

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