May 2008
Keeping the User in Mind: Another Reason to Hire a Professional Web Designer

These days most businesses need a professional website in order to be taken seriously. Many potential clients will form their initial opinion on a companies business based on the appearance of the company website. For this reason many businesses concentrate on having a flashy, highly professional, website designed and quickly forget about the user. One way to avoid the trap of forgetting the users while still getting a professional presence is to hire a professional web designer.

While many business owners might feel comfortable with building their own website many novice designers will get so caught up in making sure the site they are making looks professional that they forget to make it user friendly. While you might be proud of the fancy, flash, entrance page you were able to create it might cause problems for some users. A website surfer who is using dial up or has an older computer that is compatible with some versions of flash might be unable to get the website to load. This means they will eventually leave the site without seeing the fancy entrance or the products and services that your company is promoting. One way to avoid too much flash and to preserve usability is to hire a website designer.

A good website designer will be able to provide an honest outside opinion that your company needs. If your company has an existing website a professional designer will be able to look over the design and tell you what needs to be changed. Most designers that have built business websites have an idea of what the businesses customers are going to want to see and what designs have helped their clients succeed. A professional web designer will be able to test the finished product in a variety of web browsers and point out problems and flaws that the average business owner might not have ever considered. Even if the business hiring the web site designer is inclined to be stubborn price will often influence their final decision and help keep the site useable.

The price of most web design prices is determined by its complexity. Some designers charge by the hour and a website that is going to require a long time to design will cost a great deal of money. Meanwhile, a website design that is fairly simple will usually require much less time and be far more affordable. This alone will often help keep a business site easier for the user to access and utilize.

Quite a few business owners who have hired a website designer to create a website that was crammed with bells and whistles have been forced to rethink things after getting an initial quote. In many cases budget constraints have forced business owners to choose what features are absolutely necessary to provide website viewers with the information they need. Without realizing it many business owners have ended up with extremely usable websites for no other reason than their web design budget was tight.

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