Apr 2013
Is Your Website Ready for Swimwear Season?

Is Your Website Ready for Swimwear SeasonWith the weather finally starting to warm up, lots of us will be thinking ahead to the summer months, and specifically getting into shape for those family beach trips we have planned. That will mean diets, workout plans, and maybe even some new wardrobe shopping.

But, as any fitness expert could tell you, it’s a lot easier to get into shape when you approach it gradually, rather than trying to suddenly lose those extra pounds in the matter of a few weeks. The same applies to your business website and Internet marketing plan, of course. If you want to be profitable and efficient, you should treat your website as something that needs attention on a weekly basis, not just once or twice a year when you roll out a new plan.

While that might not be the way most businesses are used to thinking about Internet marketing, it actually makes things easier. To be sure, most of our clients don’t need more to do or think about in a busy work week. But, it’s much more convenient to get into the habit of dealing with your website for a few minutes each Thursday morning, for example, than it is to find a free week or two to pay attention to it later.

Take our advice and think of things gradually. If you want your website to have a profitable, efficient “beach body,” then look for updates and improvements regularly, not just when you need new sales.

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