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May 2022
Is Your Dealership’s Site More Like a Brochure, or an Informative Resource?

Your Dealership’s SiteYour Dealership’s Site

Sure, your auto dealership’s site has lots of cars, and maybe even some information about your staff and company. But does it have advice, tips, and other resources for car buyers? Why not?

This is more than just an interesting question. As the Internet continues to become a bigger and bigger part of most people’s car buying process. Shoppers are looking for more than photos, short descriptions, and odometer readings. They want help finding the best car for them, understanding financing options, and especially figuring out what dealership they should work with.

In a perfect world, they would come and sit down in your show room to find the answers. But, given that so many car buyers have to cram their search into a busy week. Or are just too intimidated to meet with a salesperson, lots of them are opting to surf the web instead. And if they aren’t finding the answers on your website, you can be sure they’re going to look for them on someone else’s.

With that in mind, part of your online marketing strategy should be developing consistent articles, blog posts, frequently asked questions. And maybe even instructional videos, all designed to help people feel more informed and involved with the car buying process. Not to mention becoming more comfortable with you and your team along the way.

Many of the trends that drive Internet marketing, like search engine optimization and social media, work so well because they help people find answers and advice quickly. And in no industry is that more true than with auto dealerships; giving out free advice is a great way to set yourself apart.

If you would like help making your dealerships website more of an informational resource, contact Marcy Design today. We have worked with dozens of dealers just like you, and can help you turn your website into something car buyers will want to bookmark and return to again and again.

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