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Jan 2023
Is Online Advertising Better Than Print or Television?

Online Advertising BetterOnline Advertising Better

As Internet advertising has grown by leaps and bounds, the legion of business owners, executives. And “experts” who claim that it’s superior to offline or traditional methods (like print or television) has grown right along with it. Is online advertising better?

And so, there is plenty of debate these days about whether online advertising really is superior. We can’t expect to put an end to that conversation today. But what we can do is tell you what we’ve learned from experience. There isn’t necessarily a better advertising option, just the one that shows higher, more consistent returns for your advertising campaigns.

In other words, it’s all relative, and what works for another company might not work for you. Because they don’t have your products, your customers, and your message. With that in mind, there are two things you have to do for every ad campaign:

First, look at costs relative to value. The rise of Internet advertising has made it more expensive, and conversely made things like print advertising cheaper. That means you might be able to reach higher numbers of customers offline (for the money spent) then you can through the Internet.

Try lots of different things. Despite the preference that a lot of people have for technology-based solutions, even ads placed on park benches are great ones if they show you a higher rate of return. With that in mind, try everything – from the simplest to the cutting-edge – to see what works for your company.

Although Internet advertising has strengths, what really matters is how you can meet your campaign objectives with the minimal amount time and money spent.

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